Home Help Login Register. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. What would you class as the minimum average weekly profit needed to qualify as a Professional Roulette Player? Perhaps those in the forum who are dull professionals could give us guidance on this?

Obviously there would be good weeks and bad weeks but they could give their Average weekly profit. As a guide to the rest of us perhaps they could tell us what their Betting Bankroll is. I suggest you consider your country's average earnings approved coolest bingo games near san francisco ca a guide.

The following users thanked this post: kav. I'm not a roulette pro by any stretch I would be giddy. I would like to make about 60 bucks a day for 5 days per week. Bebediktus Veteran Member Posts: Thanked: times. There are no " minimum average weekly profit needed to qualify as a Professional Roulette Player ". Professional player is such, who know how to play, that to win - that is main. And all winings depends on bets - if player can win - that means that he can win also only by increasing bets 10 times.

But you must understand that no matter professional or not are some comfortable betting limits. Explanattion to that is possible risk. Even is play lucky nugget 150 spins his knowing about his advantage is from previous time, so in future all can be and player simply not want to risk realitive bigger no 2021 casino cocoa deposit bonus than it needs for achieving his aim.

So usually player choose play ful, hours for winingwhen with increasing bets he that can do in 1 visit web page. If to talk about bancroll, then need determine what is bancroll? If say i go to trip with 10so what will be if i will lost that 10 ? Nothing, that is fukl not last mine money and if orulette see again good table - I always can go to bancomat and take another 10 So depends what you name as bancroll The following users thanked this post: BlueAngel.

Not many in this world can really claim ppayer fully live on a monthly income from consistent roulette play. Other factors, for devoting energy and time for roulette play, were the great interest and playsr of the game as a source of steady income, once my software platforms started to work with a consistent timr without any rime of bankroll at any given full time roulette player. I play two sessions every day afternoon and evening view article session being on an average between spins.

I consider that a fair income considering the involved EI Enviromental Interference -effects that come with the game when compared to an playrr carefree job.

Had it been lower Dull would have devoted time to Black Jack instead or even poker which I find boring compared to roulette. And let me make one thing very clear about the above.

I always play the wheel and its numbers straights - never the table. The table itself as a source full time roulette player steady income is a loser on the long run, at least if approved coolest bingo games near san francisco ca want to live professionally on the game. Those here who think otherwise are either dreamers or liars. Pascal himself and even Einstein tried to find a way to beat the Table and failed miserably Pascal almost going famously mad on his countless attempts.

And believe me when Read article say, manymany exceptionally plager people after them have equally failed to win consistently on is it legal to start a online casino table without falling pray for the HE combined with orulette interference of negative variance found in said table configuration of the numbers.

Most roulette gamblers not players are quite reckless at the table. They have talking stick casino bingo no notion of their previous betting sizes, they have little or no discipline or self-control, and many times their emotions governs their minds rather than rational thought combined with good applicable science.

The latter is what causes many "system" players that due to fear, self-doubt when the negative variance starts to kick in, abandon their system and start betting side bets which faster erodes their bank roll with each new loss. A professional Playet has none of these negative factors, because he knows his daily goal of income will be met if a strict protocol according to his system or platform when playing online is followed to a T, and also that time is actually on his side if he chose to use time as factor against the casino and instead of talking stick casino bingo himself ;layerand there is nothing the Casino plager do to force him to bet when variance conditions are not favorable.

This is why tije Casinos remain the winners and the gamblers always the losers. The few good professional players that live of this game are not considered any threat to the Casinos and are often treated with VIP status because in the end the Casino thinks their House Edge will win back all that it has payed out if they can only keep the player in the game long enough.

You cannot handle the truth! I've replied you to my thread but since you've start a new topic I'm full time roulette player to post my response also here. First let me get one thing straight, what we call a ''whale'' in gambling language is not a professional.

I play approximately 5 sessions per week and my average net profit is talking stick casino bingo to units per week. In my consideration a 10 Euros unit value is ideal because it's not too low, neither too high. This way which app is best for casino don't attract unwanted attention by other players and casinos, also talking stick casino bingo your time worth and generate the same profit faster.

Quote from: Bebediktus on June 07,PM. I also played in few countries. Main problem i seethat i met several guys from forums and no one can show me what he claimed in forum or playfr talks in skype Please click for source you playeg looks payer you play 10 times better than me, but mine past experience show other.

Really i saw only few who play so significiant better And everywhere you win? I will like to see such Very nice that you win, but from other side is very strange that you not say from where you have advantage There are no way to winif you not know which number has higer probability to fall If you win - means that you can divide numbers minimum to two groups - which have higer chance to hit and which are lower chance.

Bebedictus, I've many clues why a few numbers have better chance timw full time roulette player than the rest. It's all coming down to unequal distributionfew numbers don't show up for long time because during that time a few others were showing more than their https://templatepen.com/review/bitkingz-casino-review.html. This happens every single time up to a certain degree, it doesn't have talking stick casino bingo do with physical flaws but it's how variance behaves in a random game.

It's universalyou could exploit this approved coolest bingo games near san francisco ca tendency in casinos all over the world! I ask you, have you or anybody else witness 37 numbers in 37 spins? And you'll never see such travesty occurring, if it ever happens it'd rouletts the time I'd roulefte playing rouletre forever!

The following users thanked this post: Third. Thanks Guys. This thought came to me after Blue Angel revealed that he was a Roulette Roilette. When most people talk about Roulette Professionals they seem to be thinking in terms of having a fukl lifestyle. Rouldtte to Thomas and BA we know that it certainly is because they earn more than this. Now to the nitty gritty.

I have said that approved coolest bingo games near san francisco ca winnings are marginal but as I am a recreational player the amount of winnings are roluette unimportant. My main aim is - not to rou,ette. As an exercise in futility? And aim to win on average units - of whatever size - per week. Sputnik Great Contributor Posts: Thanked: times.

I only know three person who make a living on gambling. The third person is making money on sport betting, casino games and write books and have hes own sport betting service. I never meet or read about any member of this forum talk and behave like they only live on talking stick casino bingo from full time roulette player using roulette systems.

Because talking stick casino bingo person would at some point mention risk and return and talk about the psychological pressure. I know and been talking to real players olayer they have money, way beyond 10K But when you see and read about gamblers they take money from there monthly salary to play minimum stake.

Less then fiver members that approved coolest bingo games near san francisco ca roulette system players has above 5K as bankroll for gambling. For example when you read about a known roulette system player like Turbo Genius, then you know he has way beyond roulette as he win some times 3 to plaayer using hes ideas tackle roulette. And he not only claim with empty words, he put up with method to play and describe how he won. Then that is a true punter in my book. Spending time at forum boards and talk about making Euro a week is pointless, my opinion.