It seems most avid myVegas players have a go to game. Really, it all depends on your goals. For my fake money, the best game to play is Lotus Land. I care little about actually interacting with the games. This goes double for the online versions. Bedt slots at Wizard Slots does offer free spin bonuses, but those are registered and run automatically, myvegqs having to interact with ot.

Most other myVegas slots require player decisions or acknowledgement having to press a button once the bonus is complete. The only auxiliary participation you may encounter what is the best game to play on myvegas if myVegas is running a promotion in which you gather items during your spins. I mentioned this little gem in my last podcast episode. Some have used the advice with success:. Definitely the this web page of their slots to just run in the background.

My Aria building progress has been great since I tried it. Do you gaming mg a favorite myVegas slot or strategy? If what is the best game to play on myvegas, let me know. For more myVegas tips, you can check out episode 29 of the VFB podcast. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. Adam Host of the Vegas Fanboy podcast.

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