GGNetworkonce unknown in the west, made a significant splash in the headlines last week. The GG brand is likely unfamiliar to most American players. The company only came into existence after the federal government shut down the unregulated US online poker market on Black Friday. Init began promoting Natural8 — its largest skin at the time — in Europe. Since then, GG has grown quickly card pokergame steadily.

It is now undeniably the second-largest international operator behind PokerStars. Negreanu himself gave sorry, mega fortune netent impossible partial answer to that question on Twitter when asked about the possibility.

Its history of regulatory compliance is a short one, and although it was never active in the US, it may be seen is ggpoker legal a bad actor by some regulatory authorities. It has recently been taking steps to address that problem too. Negreanu, of course, was the face of PokerStars for 12 years before stepping down from that position earlier in Despite the company parting ways with many big names in recent years, the loss of Negreanu still came as a shock.

For a while, it seemed that the site was simply eliminating redundancy. Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov became the latest departures earlier this month. That was never likely to be the case poker asia tour pacific Negreanu, though. He may be too expensive, for one thing, given how many other ambassadors the site currently pays.

More importantly, however, many of those sponsored players have heavily is ggpoker legal Negreanu for his defense of controversial PokerStars policies. These two things appear somewhat contradictory. The anti-predation policy clearly aims at making the site safe and fun for recreational players, yet high rollers are meant to appeal to professionals.

The GGPoker skin and Kenney himself have been instrumental in developing the latter. Negreanu, on the other hand, is most popular with casual poker fans and has become a vocal advocate for protecting the low-stakes ecosystem. The affected countries are mostly in Europe:. Natural8 ceased verified safest bingo games near san francisco ca customers on that list immediately.

GGPoker is reportedly still allowing existing customers to play but not accepting any new users from those countries. Presumably, it will eventually ask existing customers to withdraw their funds and suspend service to them. The goal of the move, according to the head of GGPoker, Jean-Christophe Antoine, is to pursue the necessary licenses to operate in verified safest bingo games near san francisco ca markets legally.

The Czech Republic, for instance, inverified safest bingo games near san francisco ca operators to stop serving its citizens and apply for netent ab license. Most complied, and PokerStars and partypoker have since received approval to operate legally in the country. There are certainly good reasons to pursue a license in a country rather than operating outside the law.

It makes payment processing easier, for starters, and means that you can advertise to the extent local laws permit.

It also makes a brand more respectable and trustworthy. The change comes at a time when many other online gambling entities are taking compliance more seriously. One likely reason for that is that GG is eying up entry into the US market.

And US regulators tend not to approve licenses for companies that have been non-compliant in other jurisdictions. Partypoker, for instance, made a similar withdrawal from several gray markets a few months ago. Industry-watchers have speculated that doing so was likely a precondition for the company receiving a permit to operate in Pennsylvania. Its PA online poker application is still pending under the casino license of Valley Forge.

The only PA casino that 1 has a license for online poker and 2 does just click for source have a partner in place is Wind Creek. That could be a possibility somewhere down the line, but happens.

casino royale casino just are even more scant elsewhere. Nevadameanwhile, arguably has the strictest regulatory body of any state with legal online poker. PokerStars is not allowed to operate there, and GVC which owns partypoker barely squeaked by for its license. GGNetwork would need to clean verified safest bingo games near san francisco ca its act further — and keep it clean for a period of years — before it could realistically hope verified safest bingo games near san francisco ca approval there.

More likely, though, what GGNetwork has its eye on is not the US online poker market as it exists today. No one knows for sure what the future will hold, but early returns from Pennsylvania seem to indicate big potential. Ceasing black- or gray-market operations carries more regulatory weight once time has passed, compared to exiting immediately before applying for licensure.

Withdrawal casino fair review go is, no doubt, hoping that the verified safest bingo games near san francisco ca of PA online poker will motivate is ggpoker legal states to follow suit. Visit Verified safest bingo games near san francisco ca. Visit Poker.

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