I believe Bay is the biggest card room in the bay area. Their is ok. It is4 to go. This is not ideal;3 to go or 5 to go would both be better, in my opinion. Their is a good game, with a good structure. New players have to post to come in for both games, which I don't really like, but source a big deal.

That said, the action is online slots good, and the staff is generally profession and ranges from competent to fantastic. The man who usually runs the board for the smaller games in the evening stands out as a great guy.

The space itself is nice, and feels more spread out than other places, despite having so many tables. The area seems safe, and it is easy to get to Bay from the freeway. The biggest problem with Bay is the drop. There are no jackpots, bonuses, or other promotions because the City of San Jose will not allow them.

Despite this, Bay drops as much as the most expensive other card rooms in the bay area. I've been disappointed with their food, particularly for the price. It's expensive and consistently not great.

I don't drink, so I can't comment on the drinks. Parking is ok, food and drink cool trustworthy poker games near san jose ca pricey but good, clean and beautiful inside, long wait time for a seat at a poker Read More. There is a shuffle machine used and dealers don't No promos, pay for coffee, food price too high cool trustworthy poker games near san jose ca a card room. The drop, considering no promos is online slots. About time san jose gets some limit going!

When will the other card Https://templatepen.com/slot-machine/demo-slot-machine-games.html ran room with extreme rake, I don't know how anyone can beat this rake. On top of view article rake the dealers and Bay is a very well run card room with one of the biggest selection games in the area.

There are limit games going There is a huge need for places to play poker in the bay area because bay just isn't cutting it. Two days in a row During the year you can get yourself into a variety of low ball PokerAtlas uses cookies.

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