Player places an Ante bet and is dealt two hole cards plus three community cards the flop. The dealer is also dealt two cards that are not shown to the player.

The only choice is to either Play or Fold the hand. If player chooses to play, he places a Play bet that is 2 x Ante bet. If the player folds, he only loses the Ante bet.

Player plays, coral casino app qualifies, player wins: Ante bet pays according to paytable below, Play bet pays There are some higher payouts for the Click to see more bet if the Player has at least a flush. The player has to win the hand to get the Ante payout. There click here no simple rules rtp online slots to when to play and when to fold, because the strategy depends on all of the five cards two player cards plus three community cards.

Some simple guidelines as a rule of thumb are listed below. Follow these rules in basic situations:. When the board comes with a pair, eg. The times you do fold are paired boards mentioned above, and when you have very low cards eg.

T8 is usually playable but Learn more here is not. The house edge is higher 1. Because Ante bet has some high payouts for rare hands, you should expect your balance to drop slightly faster until you get a high-paying hand. Remember that play free online games to earn money have to casino hold em strategy 3x the Ante bet for every hand you play.

Therefore it is recommended to use a smaller ante bet size than when playing blackjack to avoid busting early on. Powered by WP. Winner Gambling - your source for online gambling information, best sportsbooksbingo bonuses and poker rakeback and bonus offers.

Winner Gambling. Follow these rules in basic situations: You never fold: — Any pair — Any See more high or K high — Any flush draw or openended straight coral casino app You almost never fold: — Q high the only time is probably on a monotone board play free online games to earn money which you have no suit — gutshot straightdraw You very rarely fold: — J high on monotone boards even when you have 2 overs When the board comes with a pair, eg.