Match call numbers on multiple Bingo boards to reveal patterns. Match one or more patterns to casino sites list prize table to win. To play for casino sites list you must first enter the required code numbers from an eligible non-winning BINGO instant game ticket. View Winners. This directive outlines a promotion by the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery Bureau that begins on April 24, and ends on October 3, During the promotional period, participants may access and play an interactive Bingo game casino sites list either a personal computer with an Internet connection or with a mobile device using the Michigan Lottery Bingo mobile app.

By submitting the unique Entry Code sequence from eligible non-cash prize winning Bingo instant casino sites list tickets, participants may access and play the interactive game for chances to win entries into a second chance drawing or instant ticket coupons.

Game — Bingo Slots. The Bingo Game Outcomes and associated prizes assigned to the Entry Codes found on these Eligible Tickets will be randomly distributed as follows. Game — Bonus Ball Bingo. Toggle navigation. How Go to article Play.

Select Auto Dab or the desired play Speed before beginning the game. A total of 30 Bingo Numbers will be drawn automatically.

You newest rtg casinos 2021 control the speed of the drawing by clicking the Speed icon. After all 30 Bingo Numbers have been drawn, a 10 second countdown will begin. Any matching numbers that have not been bingo second chance will automatically reveal.

Prize Structure. Eligible Instant Games. Definitions — as used in this directive. Bingo App - the free mobile device app created for this promotion that participants can download. Patterns resulting in a prize are described in Section 5 b. All other patterns are considered non-winning and will not result in a prize. Game Number — casino sites list 3-digit number printed on the front and back of each instant game ticket.

Promotion Description A participant can gain access and play the interactive game in any of the following ways: By accessing www.

By www. By downloading and installing the Bingo App on a supported mobile device and either logging into his or her existing account or by registering as a new member.

A participant will be required to be a member and submit one 1 eligible Code Sequence to access and play the interactive Bingo game. Each number sequence allows the participant to play the game one 1 time. Each Bingo Game Outcome is predetermined and governed by the Just click for source Sequence submitted by the participant.

All interactive Bingo games that are interrupted can be replayed by selecting the Account History menu option. Only Code Sequences found on Eligible Source are valid for entry.

Each eligible Code Sequence may be submitted only one 1 time in this promotion, regardless of the method used to access the game.

Each eligible Code Sequence has been pre-assigned one 1 Bingo Game Outcome and is valid for one 1 interactive game play. Only the number of eligible Code Sequences submitted by the participant limits the number of drawing entries or instant game coupons he or she can win in this promotion.

Each participant may view the Code Sequences that learn more here or she has submitted and the history of the prizes he or bingo second chance has won, if any, by viewing the Account History screen in casino sites list Bingo App or by logging into his or her account and accessing casino sites list appropriate page in the MyMiBingo promotional website.

Prizes are not awarded in this version of the game. When selected returns the participant to the home screen. INFO button. When selected reveals three 3 menu options: How To Play — When selected reveals the game play instructions. Prize Table — When selected reveals the game prize table. Rules — When selected reveals the official game rules.

Displays the current winning prize amount, if any. CARDS toggle. Each Bingo number and free space is overlaid with a transparent covering. To display the two 2 Cards not currently article source, the participant must tap the Cards toggle button.

A matrix consisting of seventy 70 circular spots newest rtg casinos 2021 in five 5 columns and fourteen 14 rows. After each bingo number is called, the number appears in the appropriate spot on the Bingo Board.

SOUND button. When selected allows the participant to adjust the volume no deposit bonus the game. MUSIC button. When selected allows the participant to turn the background music off or on.

HINT button. When selected highlights any matching bingo numbers that have not learn more here revealed by the participant. Cancel — When selected will return the participant to the game play. SPEED button. When selected allows the participant to adjust the speed at which bingo numbers are drawn.

When selected will pause the drawing of bingo numbers. Casino sites list reveal a multiplier value, the participant must match the Bingo number shared by that multiplier symbol. More than one 1 multiplier symbol may be revealed, but newest rtg casinos 2021 the highest multiplier will be applied. Participants can match up to three 3 Bingo numbers that include a gold key symbol.

The Auto Win value for each gold key collected is revealed at the casino sites list of the game. Participants will indicate a match by tapping or check this out each number to remove the transparent covering.

The remaining bingo numbers will be drawn in random order until the predetermined Bingo Game Outcome is reached. At the conclusion of each game, a read article casino sites list be displayed indicating that the game outcome resulted in either a non-winning experience or a prize winning experience along with the prize associated with that outcome.

Refer to the Prize Tables section. A participant may win a prize only by revealing one or more of the winning patterns illustrated below. Only one prize per Player's Card. Foreverspin tops upon completing the Interactive Game will a participant be awarded the predetermined prize, or notified of a non-winning experience.

Coupons are redeemable one 1 time only at any licensed Michigan Lottery instant games retailer and must be redeemed by the Expiration Date printed on the coupon. All coupons issued in this promotion will include an Expiration Date determined by the game number of the Eligible Ticket submitted that resulted in the coupon prize.

Game numbers and corresponding Expiration Dates are: Game — February 3, Game — October 3, All coupons issued in this promotion will include an Identification Code. The code will be located in the lower left source of each coupon and will consist of 5-digits with a hyphen between the third and fourth digits.

Identification Codes are determined by the coupon value and the game number of the Eligible Ticket submitted that resulted in the coupon prize. Identification Bingo second chance are consolidated below. Entries are valid for one 1 drawing period. At the conclusion of each weekly drawing, all entries will be deleted from the drawing pool. Drawings will be conducted each Newest rtg casinos 2021 during the promotional period.

The deadline to receive entries into a weekly drawing pool is twenty-four 24 hours prior to the drawing date. Eligibility All participants must be a resident of the state of Michigan and a Go to web page Lottery member to be eligible for this promotion. An officer or employee of the Bureau view page any spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of an officer or employee or a contractor or subcontractor of the Casino sites list is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

Additionally, participation in the promotion must occur from within the boundaries of the state of Michigan. And, all participants must be at least 18 years of age or older. Bingo Slots instant game tickets sold after the final entry deadline of January 3, will not be eligible for this promotion. Bonus Ball Bingo instant game tickets sold after the final entry deadline of October 3, will not be eligible for this promotion.

Upon reasonable notice, the Commissioner may announce a change to this or any other promotion offered by the Bureau at any time. Governing Law All decisions made by the Commissioner including prize declaration and prize distribution are final and binding on every person making a claim. This promotion wolf slots online free subject to Lottery rules, directives and state law and any prospective and uniform changes thereof.

Disclaimer The only basis for a valid lottery claim is compliance with the lottery statute, lottery rules, and directives. No valid lottery claim may be premised on human, electronic, or other error in the communication, display or transmission of data, however recorded, displayed or transmitted.

No valid lottery claim can be premised upon any intentional casino sites list, electronic or other form of communication or transmission of data, which has not been authorized by the lottery commissioner. Prize Tables a. Bonus Ball Bingo. No casino sites list have been drawn yet. Coupon Value. Coupon Code.

Game Interactive Game Outcome. Winners Per Eligible 4, Entry Codes.