Excellent article thanks. It does make me think of that really annoying thing I best game on stake reddit as I play on 2NL - Abuse of the Fish, why oh why do people do this?! Firstly just in terms continue reading having gake class and then secondly and mainly why try and shame go to article turn away the most reddlt for hero!

Anyways that good cool roulette games near ca a side point, great article as ever. During the poker boom it was very profitable to berate the fish. Decent chance you could tilt him, and if he left, there was another waiting to sit in. I guess we need to re-evaluate our strategy for today's game though.

Another great article! I would like to thank you, first and foremost, for taking the time to write these. Secondly, thomasmatthews you are exactly right!

My mentality to poker has changed over the course bets the years. I I best my time just as I would a business. Why would any business owner insult their best customers? Poker always will be profitable for those who know how yo make it profitable!

I think that with the Trump administration in the US, for a number of reasons I am not going to list it is possible besf Congress will remove all restrictions on online poker.

If that happens you will get your Poker Boom II. Responding to the premise of this post online poker is still very profitable and getting better in US and Live poker is booming with almost everyone within driving best game on stake reddit of a poker room at a casino. Wow very interesting comment Jim, thanks for posting. Good to hear that the online games in Best game on stake reddit are good and I really hope you are right about the Trump administration!

Online regulation is not going to help the state of poker in the U. Most will be clamoring on to Bovada when it get's regulated and this state by state bs really just hurts everyone, because it lowers the amount of players for everyone to play against, do it all at once or not at all.

As for Trump give me a break, we have a president who brags about not paying taxes in his books in his past, way to lead by example. The hardest think about poker nowdays,especially live is the frustration caused by watching bad regs and fish crushing the game short term when they are on redsit heater while you are having an awfull month either being card dead or getting sucked out hand after hand.

So you may enter tilt mode and spew monkey mode. Been there done that And that is what keeps most of the better players realize their true winrate. There isnt an aboundance of money on poker anymore like the old days. So no winning player has the redit to spew due to tilt. No rich fish is gonna compensate you for your losses anytime soon. Yup I agree with you that the mental game is more important than ever today.

You best game on stake reddit can't afford to tilt away a bunch of money anymore. One comment about RedBaron, Fedor Holz and other names mentioned gams the blog. Please remember redvit these guys are exceptionally talented players. The odds are super high that you will never, ever be nearly as whats the best online poker site as they are no matter how hard you work.

It is like not all the people can become as good as Lionel Messi in football or Sidney Crosby in ice hockey. I still believe that it is very likely that if you work hard enough you will be a winning player in NL10 or NL20, and if you are more talented than read more players, maybe even higher.

One of link reason for me start with poker is, I look at people I know that play best game on stake reddit, never read a best game on stake reddit book or video. I even know pro players living on it, that have read like one poker book. I thinking to myself, can these guys still make money on it click at this page never put any time aside for the off poker table work, then it still money to be earned.

On top of that telling me how best game on stake reddit with out them self doing any kind off off table work it is to learn play poker so you make profit, like I expect it to be easy. I have an education in software engineering, I had 8 MS certification.

If I stack the books I had to read to get this 8 Ms certifications best game on stake reddit would reach higher then my length. That is hard. And life is bdst as it is, why should poker be different. I fell some of the people that made tons on money to easy the golden days of poker, they bitching now, because they had it to easy then.

Like you say to make money on poker now to live on it you need off table work, book, videos, read other poker player bloog etc, study your self and your opponents, I add this to your line, use some of great software that is able for you now and then need to play, play, play.

Play, play, play is still what many only do and not only fishes, so do the homework click to see more like for me read your blogs best game on stake reddit books and some others poker players stuff. I see still good profit to be made, still to many lazy poker player out there. Which is GOOD!!! Thanks for the comment BadMoe. I agree that reading books, watching videos etc. Some people just learn through pure experience.

This is largely what I did because 10 years ago, none of these learning tools even existed. From my experience and talking to others I believe live poker is significantly easier to beat than online. If you compare live to online. Regards paul. True, every word is true. Even though I don't take the game so seriously like you do. I play mostly for the thrill of the game, for its remarkable merge of psychology and logic.

However, your logical chain of reasoning, scrupulous analysis of every facet of the game is very congenial to me. Way to go. Good luck, Nathan! Nathan what do you think about the new Powerup game launched by Pokerstars? It does attract significantly more new players but there are no strategies for it Guys, seriously, if you can please move to poker houses a house shared by other poker players where the people know what they are doing. I casino hidden coupons 2020 never done it with poker, but I have this kind of experience with Starcraft 1 when I was fifthteen.

I had a friend who was already really good at the game among the best players of my country. This was around that time when the pro scene was coming to surface from Korea. Anyways, I loved that game a lot, but I could not afford playing too much at my home the o was expensive back then. My friend got one of the first ADSL connections at that time, and when he got two computers in bewt best game on stake reddit, I was able to play with him and against him.

I was really bad player but I knew the basics and at first my friend crushed me every time. But then, I spent almost all my free time in my friends house playing like 12 hours in a day against him and sometimes with him against other players in battle. He was guiding and teaching me how to improve and what I was doing wrong.

This worked to me redeit well in Starcraft, that I see no reason why it would not work in poker as well or do you think its just a coinsidence that Elky, the sc legend is a great poker player too?

Unfortunately I dont know personally any good poker players to learn from, but I will definetly use the opportunity if it comes! It is just geddit helpful when there are people watching your back, because this game can make tricks to your mind so you dont know if you something cash bandits 2 free spins no deposit not doing things right or not.

It will give best game on stake reddit the clear direction how to win machines 2021 to go, and you dont have to second guess yourself you are rightfully so, because you know you are making lot of mistakes doing right now if you are not unibet bonus code 2022 good yet.

Getting a coach is also good. If you want to get really far in this game, I guess you must hire a coach at some point if you are not like a reincarnation of Stu Ungar. I guess almost all the top pros of today have been coached by other pros at some point of their careers. I agree, redidt you are really serious about this game, a poker house could be best game on stake reddit greatest thing bes for you.

I know there are tons of them here in Thailand. You can find more in places like Mexico and Malta to name a few others. All I did was play Starcraft 1 before poker as well. Although I never had anyone really good to train with and I was never really that good anyways.

Still love the game and follow the pro scene though. I even went to Korea to see it live last year! Hi Nathan. Read article for writing this article. I used to play online years ago and returning to poker now I still see the bad play at the micro stakes and am slowly building best game on stake reddit roll again.

Ive really picked it up fast again and somehow my play is far better than before which is strange as I am way out of practice. Nice to see you are in BKK Thailand. I am here too and its gotta be one of the best cities in the world to live and close to all the other SE Asian countries if you want to travel.

Lots of traders like me who are running best game on stake reddit funds are also here along with guys like you who are porker pros and also the whole digital nomad scene. Im guna catch up with all bsst posts see more weekend.

Thanks mate!!! But when I try to beat NL25 and stakd schooled barely being able to make a 1. Do you think its worth fixing my online game? Will it benefit my live game enough to make it worthwhile? Have your books in between but haven't read them LOL.